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As we all know, the first chapter of ABC’s Once Upon A Time has come to a close - and I can tell you I am now dying for it to come back already. I figured to help me make time fly before Season 2 starts, I’d share some of my top 10 Favorite/OMG moments from Season 1. Now I know everyone has their own favorites, but these 10 are the ones that had me saying, “Man I can’t believe that!” or “OMG! That was so awesome!” Now, with no more delays, on to the list!


Note: If you haven’t seen the series then, Spoiler Alert!



10. Tick Tock Goes the Clock.

You know you were surprised at the clock moving  in the first episode. It was the sign that said things were about to change and anyone watching it knew it. And if any of you LOST fans out there saw this you probably got a little chuckle out of it since 8:15 in LOST stood for the Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 that crashed somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean.


9. Who’s the Man in the Mirror?

Later in the series we learn the identity of the man in the mirror and his heartbreaking story of how he ended up in there. Man, that was a good one. We all know Regina was evil, but man, to use his love to get what she wanted was low.

Then again, they don’t call her the Evil Queen for nothing, right?





8. Snow White and the Eight Dwarves?

Of course we all knew the story Snow white and the Seven Dwarves. Well, according to Once Upon a Time, there were actually 8, and the eighth one’s name was Stealthy. I got a kick out of that, but then when he was killed in the rescue attempt in episode 10, “7:15,” I was surprised, and a little sad, that they killed him. But then again, it is Snow White and the SEVEN Dwarves; not eight.



7. Death of the Huntsman.

I was so in love with the Sherrif Graham that when we learned his actuall Fairytale identity was the Huntsman, it made a lot of sense. Even when we saw him having an affair with Regina, it was a very “OMG”

moment. But when Regina killed him just as Emma and him kiss, it turned into a “OMFG” moment. I was happy to see him reappear in the season finale; even if it was in the fairytale flashback.





6. Beauty and the…….. Beast?

I was blown away by who the beast was, but on the other hand I could totally see it. Rumplestiltskin was the perfect beast and it was nice to see that he did have a heart, even if it was small one. It gave us a good look at his character; you could see that he has his own plan for everything - and he’ll do what he has to to get them going.


5. Who is August?

I totally had August pegged as being Rumple’s missing son. I mean, everything pointed to it. But man, I was blown away to find out he was Pinocchio instead.  I always was wondering what had happened to the

little boy they showed in the flashbacks especially when he wasn’t at school with Henry. His story was a good one, and you could feel for Gheppeto when he was fighting to save his little boy from the curse.



4. Peter and the Wolf

When I finally put this mystery together, I was laughing a little at not seeing it sooner; but what do you expect I was caught up with everything going on. To find out why Red’s grandmother was so protective of her and making sure she wore her hood. I mean, Red as the wolf was a great twist - and to have her love interest named Peter was kind of funny. Though her eating him later on in the episode… not so much. This was one of my “OMG” moments and it was a good one.




3. What Was the Price of the Curse?

When we found out that Regina’s powerful curse came with a price, we were all blown away at what she would do to actually win against Snow and Charming. The curse would only work if she gave up what she loved the most - and the fact that she killed her own father to make the curse was a jaw dropping moment to say the least. It told us then and there that she meant business. And wow did she.


2. Queen's Past Revealed

Through most of the series, we were wondering what did Snow do to make the Queen hate her so much. Why was she trying everything to hurt Snow and make sure she didn’t get a Happily Ever After. It was heartbreaking when we finally learn that the Queens true love was killed by her mother; but to blame Snow? She was just a child trying to help a mother and daughter stay together, which meant a lot since her own mother was gone. It explains a lot of the hate, but if the Queen knew how mean her mother was why is she blaming Snow?

And finally my top moment from season one…


1. The Curse Finally Breaking

The season finale was a great one. The Curse was finally broken, but as a fan you wondered, ”ok, where do they go from here?” The curse breaks but no one was sent back home - to their real home in the Fairytale world. Everyone just got their memories back . And when Mr. Gold, who had stolen the True Love Potion, drops it into the Wishing Well the purple cloud that comes out and works it’s way to town is bringing something and no one knows how it will effect Storybrooke. Magic!


Next season should be interesting with magic being involved and everyone having their memories back - I can’t wait for Season 2. I already have my Season 1 blu-ray collection on pre-order. But that’s’s not coming out until August 28th. So I guess ABC.com and ABC On Demand are going to have to tide me over until Season 2 starts back up in the fall.




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