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Gay Issues

Is Batman Gay? DC Comics Says 1 Character Ready to Come Out

| by Michael Allen

At the Kapow Comic Convention in London, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio told the audience that the comics company would reintroduce a previously existing straight DC character as “one of our most prominent gay characters.”

Senior VP Sales Bob Wayne added that the co-publisher’s policy “has evolved.”

Courtney Simmons, DC Entertainment’s senior vice president of publicity, told ABC News: "One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June."

The first openly gay mainstream superhero was Northstar, reinterpreted as gay by his creator John Byrne in the 1980s, but was only officially stated as gay by writer Scott Lobdell in the 1990s. Marvel is expected to announce Northstar’s engagement to his boyfriend.

An Archie comics character had a gay wedding earlier this year, as reported by Opposing Views.

Here are the DC Comcis characters who could come out as gay:





Green Arrow

Green Lantern





The Flash


Plastic Man