Enough Tip-Toeing Around the Ines Sainz Issue

| by Alex Groberman

Can we please call a spade a spade? It’s a sad day when people can’t even stay on topic long enough to have an adult conversation without worrying about political correctness.

Here is a brief recap of the “Ines Sainz Situation” so that everyone can be on the same level when making their decision on what’s what in this case:

-          Sainz a long-time reporter for Mexico’s TV Azteca was in the Jets’ facility to do a piece on Mark Sanchez when she began getting “unwanted” attention from players and staff.

-          As she waited for Sanchez on the sidelines and observed practice, Jets coach, Rex Ryan allegedly instructed his assistant coach to conduct passing drills close to the reporter.

-          When Sainz went into the locker room later on, she was met with hoots and whistles.

-          Sainz felt very uncomfortable with the amount of, and the type of attention she received.

-          Since then she has been on a media roller-coaster and has parlayed her “harassment” into segments on CNN, morning shows, etc.

Before delving into the issue at hand, here are some pictures of Sainz at various events. Pay attention to her attire at said events:

Everyone seems to think that there can only be one problem in any given situation. That if you suggest that Sainz has a history of dressing inappropriately you’re lessening how wrong the Jets were in this case. As if asking someone to take responsibility for their own actions in a particular scenerio is the equivalent of placing the blame on them.

The Jets are clearly in the wrong. There is no excuse for making anyone feel uncomfortable in any setting. A woman showing skin in a locker room where she should be acting far more professionally should not be a green light for men to start acting like sixth graders. The players’ reaction to Sainz was completely inappropriate, and they should be punished by the league for being such clowns.

That was issue one. Now onto issue two.

Sainz clearly has a history of playing up to her looks and sex appeal, rather than her knowledge and professionalism as a reporter. The skimpy outfits in the pictures above show this much. This is not the case of acting as if a rape victim was “asking for it” that the media was making it out to be. This is a case of putting on bait, and then acting like you’re shocked when the animals jump on it. The animals shouldn't have jumped, but you should have seen their reaction coming when you put on the bait.

There is a huge difference between being an attractive reporter who dresses in a classy, professional manner while being a legitimate newsperson, and what Sainz has shown a history of being. She is the same woman who at one time rode on the shoulders of Indianapolis Colts players during a segment. She’s done another segment where she measured the biceps of a bunch of players around her. She’s built an entire career on flirting and being completely unprofessional with the athletes she’s covering.

And now, she’s furthering her career because of the coverage she received from this harassment allegation. It’s sickening. The same way she has completely spit on the efforts of all of the legitimate female reporters who have worked long and hard to demand respect in the sports arena with her half-hearted plays on her sex appeal throughout her career, she’s now making the same mockery of women reporters being mistreated in sports.

Is there anyone truly naïve enough to think that women reporters don’t get a raw deal? They have to work twice as hard as men to prove themselves equals in terms of sports knowledge in their male-dominated sports arenas. The unspoken age and appearance requirements that have never existed for their male counterparts exist for them. And now, they have this attention-seeking missile in Sainz blowing up the respect they’ve amassed and the reputations they’ve built up for women reporters everywhere.

Instead of being so conscious of political correctness, maybe folks should start looking at this situation for what it is. We’re all adults, so why can people not grasp the concept of two parties in one situation being criticized?

The Jets are wrong and should be reprimanded for their behavior. However, Sainz making a joke out of the idea of respectable female reporters should not be ignored.