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Sometimes life demands us to be on our very best behavior…

All in all it has been a whirlwind of a month filled with surrender, tender souls, a frenzy of activity, and a million occasions where I was given the opportunity to wear my heart on my sleeve and choose to act like a lady, both in life and in business.

positive thinking1 Enlightened Business Management | We are Racing Nobody but Ourselves

As I round into the tail end of the preparations for my new yoga venture, The Yoga Pagoda, (which opens on February 28th here in sunny Vero Beach Florida) I can say only two words: THANK GOD (and Geshe).

It has been a long time coming this sweet project of mine and over the last six years I have tried to actively practice Enlightened Business Management as taught by Geshe Michael Roach.  I am convinced that undertaking and implementing a few simple principles he was kind enough to share has led me to this very moment and with the dignity and the grace required of me on this journey.

It all started one summer evening south of the World Trade Center in a high rise apartment… one of those fancy ones with a door man, a private elevator, mood music… you know, the kind that takes up the entire floor in which your sure that at some point there was a fashion show event.  I am not one to drop names but I was surrounded by people infinitely more successful, much older/wiser/well traveled/formally educated/funnier/well known & connected than I was at the ripe ole age of twenty something.  Invited as a guest by someone who always saw more in me than I did I sat rapt with attention as Geshe and our gracious host covered the Diamond Cutter and Geshes’ vision for the Diamond Cutter Institute (then in it’s infancy).

I was in Awe!

After an intense dialogue we were split into groups, given reading assignments, coordinated and co-counseled via email or phone calls, and we met again on a regular basis for the duration of the coursework.  I took a book full of notes, had more questions than answers, and was giddy over my good fortune and exposure to so many bright and engaging individuals (my father always said not to be the smartest person in the room).  I will admit that at the time the information resonated with me as valuable but it took me many years to fully understand how to effectively integrate its core belief into the fabric of how I conduct myself in my relationships both personal and professional.

It’s simple really.  Thoughts Become Things. TUT’s has it right.  Think on what you want, act according, and sow the worthy seeds.  Be kind. Observe.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

This is the only instance for which this statement is true for me.  Fast forward to today and I find myself inundated with mirrors of my mind.  The seeds that I have planted and nurtured have come to flower and the amazing thing is that the Universe went ahead and conspired with my sub consciousness to provide the blooms of a dream I had yet to allow my waking mind to believe I deserved.  The words Wow, OMG, Awesome, Really?!, and Yes Please come to mind.

Right under my nose a beautiful community has manifested and stood at attention, poised to contribute, when I announced my plans to open up a studio concept unlike any other.  People have been nothing but supportive and I hear the phrase, “how can I help” so often that I feel like there must be a choir of trumpets blazing overhead in complete approval of all the love being shown from one human being to another.  As inspiring as this is, when I take into account that I am in a moment of my own creation I can not help but loose all words to express my adoration and gratitude.

What’s Next?

I recognize that the path is long and that in the end we are racing nobody but ourselves.  With that in mind I work hard and then make sure to relish in the Sunday afternoons spent dream boarding and walking along the beach with my partner.  It’s easy to let go of any of the nasty flung my way by those in a state of scarcity and fear and return to my true desire to spread love and compassion.  I am working at dreaming bigger and being receptive to the changes of my body as I move through space every day a single breath at a time.

I can’t help but think back with fondness at that girl I once was, curled into myself, on the floor in that room above the world listening to Geshe speak to my heart.  There was no distinction of class or religion in that room.  We were all there to learn to practice the simple principles and to become better versions of ourselves in order to help in changing the world.

I say sieze the day fellow travelers and take every opportunity to be your best and brightest.  Life isn’t always glitter and glam but I would argue that a few calm and easy breaths & a check in with your inner voice can create a simple change of perspective not only for you, but for all of those you strive to serve.

If I can do it, so can you! I’ve got your back ;0)