Ease: To Be With or Without – That is the Question!

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satkirin Ease: To Be With or Without   That is the Question!

Meniere’s Disease, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Demyelinating Peripheral Neuropathy, Pernicious Anemia….. I had them all, and those are just a few of the diseases I had. The list goes on, a few textbooks worth. I had diseases I can’t spell! I had them all during medical school. I was totally sure, with 100% certainty. I didn’t need to see an actual doctor, I read all about my diseases and I didn’t need a second opinion. I diagnosed myself.

Medical students so commonly suffer from being a hypochondriac, it’s actually called “Medical Student Syndrome”….you know who you are! Being ‘without ease’ is common in life, regardless of whether or not medical training is involved.  On the contrary, being ‘with ease’ is not all that common. Many question how they might find a state of ease, of calm tranquility, of mental rest, and there are many answers. My answer to this is through the practice of yoga.

I can look back now and laugh about my ‘dis-eases’. My multiple moments without ease, days, weeks even, without ease. I slept with my stethoscope during my Cardiology rotation; took three pregnancy tests during Obstetrics (even though I would have immaculately conceived), exhibited every personality disorder on my Psychiatry rotation…..then realized it was all my friends that had the personality disorders! Not me! Wait, does that make me Histrionic or Narcissistic……

Yes, I can laugh at my own behavior. Awareness comes in time. For me, awareness comes, and comes more clearly, when I’m on my yoga mat. I can laugh at myself on my mat. Many times I can take my practices too seriously- both my yoga and medical practices. When I do, I lose my rhythm in each. I’ve learned to lighten up, to find the enjoyment in my practices, and to change the things that can be changed- on and off the mat, and in and out of the clinic.

Above all else, being well, being ‘with ease’, is more important to me than anything. Being aware of health and wellness, being aware of thyself, of healing within, can occur on the yoga mat.

Yoga is awareness. I share my understanding of ‘self’ and I share my joy and my passion through my experience and knowledge of yoga practice.

We can live with ease, even if disease is present. What is the price of your health? That is the question!

“Life is a journey. It’s the courage we bring that makes it all worthwhile.” Satkirin Khalsa, MD


MTNPoseYogaFest Copper Ease: To Be With or Without   That is the Question!

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