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Gay Issues

Does God Want Gay People to Become Straight?

| by Rick Brentlinger
God saves gays but do you think He wants them to stay gay? (by Jeremy, California)

Rick Brentlinger answers:

God delights in saving gays and everyone else who repents of sin and trusts Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

Nothing in the Bible indicates that God is in the business of changing people's sexual orientation.

So the answer to your question is, Yes, God wants gays to stay gay because that's the way He made them.

That doesn't mean God wants people to live sinful lives or promiscuous lives or selfish lives. Gays and lesbians who get saved are changed into the image of Christ, from glory to glory, as they walk with the Lord and obey Him day by day.

Jesus indicates that one's sexual orientation is fixed at birth and is not a matter of personal choice, Matthew 19:3-12.

Romans 1:26-27 deals with a particular historical situation in first century Rome. Cybele, the Protectress of Rome and the reigning fertility goddess of first century Rome, was worshiped by throngs of people in five worship sites across the Imperial city.

Paul specifically pointed out the sinfulness of women and men who rejected the true God to worship false gods like Cybele. Paul in no way intended his words to be misinterpreted to apply to lesbian couples or gay couples.

In my book, Gay Christian 101, I list 15 interpretations of these verses.

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