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Animal Rights

Does Backyard Grilling Cause Offshore Drilling?

| by PETA

President Obama's decision to allow oil and gas drilling off the coast of Virginia isn't sitting well with some politicians and environmentalists, who worry that new infrastructure and possible oil spills will harm the environment and animals.

But there's a bigger culprit: factory farming.

More than one-third of all the fossil fuels produced in the U.S. are used to raise animals for food, and factory-farm waste lagoons are a leading source of water pollution in the U.S. People can best help conserve resources, save the environment, and save animals' lives by kicking the meat and dairy addiction.

To spread the word, PETA has asked the Department of the Interior to "dress up" oil rigs with educational banners and to serve only vegan meals aboard the drilling rigs.


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Posted by Heather Moore

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