Do You Wash New Clothes? You will now...

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Jessica M. Lang, Holistic Health Practitioner


Its especially tempting to throw on a new shirt right from the rack at the store.  Its perfectly pressed, the color is amazing and it even has the “new shirt smell.”  You don’t let yourself consider the hygeine of the person who tried that shirt on before you or the unclean floor that she left it on.  Doesn’t it just make you cringe a little?

Good Morning America did a little experiment with new clothing off the racks of stores from all price ranges. 

To see how clean some “new” clothes were, “GMA” bought everything from blouses to pants to underwear from three popular chain clothing stores ranging from high- to low-end and handed them over to Dr. Philip Tierno, director of microbiology and immunology at New York University, to test the 14 items for germs.

Tierno found disturbing results. There was flora, or bacteria, on several items.

“On this black and tan blouse we found representation of respiratory secretions, skin flora, and some fecal flora,” Tierno said.

On a jacket, Tierno discovered evidence of feces, skin flora and respiratory secretions, especially in the armpit and “close to the buttocks,” Tierno said.

The biggest surprise came when Tierno tested a silk blouse.

There, he said, he found vaginal organisms, yeast and more fecal germs.

Are you gagging yet?  The worst part is that Dr. Tierno is claiming that these germs and bacteria can stay alive for weeks, maybe even months.  He makes a point to say that you will most likely not get sick from contaminated clothing but you could very well catch MRSA, stomach virusses and other forms of Staph bacteria from these items.  His advice is to thoroughly wash your clothes or dry them on hot for one cycle.  His other tip…wash your hands after shopping!

So, ladies, gentlemen, good people of the internet…please, please, please, wash your clothing before you wear it.  And when in doubt…shop online!