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NBA Fantasy: Andray Blatche, Rajon Rondo, Tyreke Evans, Lamar Odom

| by Give Me The Rock

Line of the Night: These days I’m always kind of amazed that the Wizards just keep playing. This thing called parity that is supposedly happening in the NFL and is supposed to happen since the NBA has so many teams doesn’t seem to be working out all that well. Of course, I shouldn’t really be complaining since Chicago is one of the teams at the top. But that still makes sense because Chicago is awesome. Meanwhile, Andray Blatche (2.16) scored 25 points (going 9-9 from the line), with 9 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals to lead the magical Wizards of Dc to another defeat. At least it was a high scoring game…?

Honorable Mentions: Rajon Rondo (1.71) took the efficient approach to second place, making 5-8 shots from the floor and not attempting any free throws. He ended up with just 11 points, but added 5 rebounds, 10 assists, and 4 steals, which is most of what fantasy owners want from him anyway.

Al Harrington (1.66) tossed in 6 threes en route to 21 points. Jason Terry (1.37) had himself 28 points with 4 threes. J.J. Hickson (1.29) continued on in mini-beast mode with 12 points (6-10 from the field), 17 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 blocks. He’s no Kevin Love, but then, Love wasn’t available to pick up after your draft either. Tyreke Evans (1.26) continued to try to make something of what could only have been a disappointment of a season with 19 points (6-6 from the line), 8 rebounds, and 5 assists. Now that we’ve tempered expectations, I’ll be a lot more comfortable drafting him next season. Lamar Odom (1.26) put 17 points (7-8 from the field) in a mere 22 minutes of what can only be described as a Lakers blow out of the Jazz. Odom added 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and this little floater:

Andrew Bynum (1.19) used the “garbage time” that made up most of the Laker game to build on his comeback with 19 points (6-9 from the field), 11 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

Waiver Wire Line of the Night: Jose Juan Barea (he of three names) (1.58) got his second highest minute total of the season as the Mavericks Sasha Pavlovic experiment appears to be drawing to a close (it doesn’t help that the league allowed the Mavs to sign Peja Stojakovic who should be returning from injury any day). Barea made fantasy heap scroungers drool with his 25 points (3 threes, 9-12 from the field, 4-4 from the line), and 4 assists. There is a reason that he’s only 3% owned, and that reason – at least as it appears to me – is that Mavericks just don’t play him enough. Despite – or in spite of – the 7 assists per game, Jason Kidd has had an awful January, and it might just be time for Dallas to hand the reigns over to someone who can shoot better than 30% from the field.


Pick Up Lines: In case you missed it (since I did) Ryan Gomes (0.94) is now the starting SF for the Clippers and has been playing pretty well for someone who’s only 5% owned. Last night he had 14 points (6-8 from the field) and 2 steals. And since it’s only a matter of time until some suck ass player who doesn’t want to get beasted by Blake Griffin takes him to the ground like a professional wrestler street thug (see Brendan Haywood’s quote: “Every play can’t be a dunk-contest dunk”. Yes, Brendan. That’s a perfectly good excuse for flagrantly fouling a young player who has single-handedly reignited the hopes of a franchise which has seen more misery than just about any other pro sports team not based in Cleveland. Do we blame jealousy or just stupidity?), Gomes could be in for some major minutes and scoring opportunities. He’s an easy pick up in deep leagues, and should probably be considering in just about any league.

C.J. Miles (0.80) continued his impression of that guy that Katy Perry sang about (when she sang Hot’N'Cold, not Firework). Miles had 14 points, 5 assists, and 3 steals, and the only thing more erratic than his playing time has been his performance. Still, he is producing on a consistently inconsistent basis.

As much as we love to hate on Kwame Brown (0.58), his 13 points and 18 rebounds give him his 3rd double-double in 6 games. Yes, I was most definitely trying to pretty that one up. Still, 13 and 18 is good numbers for a guy you can still find in 92% of leagues. If Brown can put together back-to-back games again, I’d say he’s worth an add, but if he follows this one with another 6 and 4 or 7 and 3, then it’s okay to wait a little longer for Charles Oakley’s training to take hold.

Ty Lawson (0.56) is a nice guy to have, and I suppose that his 30% ownership share is a good representation of what he’s worth at this point. Last night he put up 17 points (6-10 from the field) with 2 steals. If you’re in one of the 70% of leagues where he’s available, take a look. It won’t be a total waste of time.

Randy Foye (0.40 – 5% owned) is a must-add for anyone looking for someone they can throw in the PG/SG slot for 3-4 weeks while Eric Gordon is out. Foye had 15 points (3 threes) and 4 assists last night and will probably continue along those lines until Gordon returns.

Biggest Loser: Beno Udrih (-1.14) was just starting to put together some fantasy relevance when he came out shooting like he’d iced his hands before the game instead of after (3-13 from the field). He ended with 6 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists. I’d take that as just an off night, though, and remain calm. He should be able to get back to double digits. If he starts slumping though, keep him on a short leash. Or does that mean to keep him close to you? Maybe keep him on a short plank? And just when he reaches the end of it, he’ll bust out with the fantasy line equivalent of that Luke Skywalker move where he jumps off and then grabs the end of the plank and R2 throws him his light saber.



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