MLB: Mets Davis Not Healing, Put Back in Boot

| by Off The Record

On May 10th, New York Mets 1B and general up-and-comer Ike Davis awkwardly rolled his ankle and hasn’t played (baseball) since. The problem came when they noticed in the last day or so that it’s not healing properly. So it looks like they are going to put him back in a boot so that the ankle can start to heal.

“The only baseball activities he can do, basically, is play catch, and he’ll be able to swing,” manager Terry Collins said. “But he’s not to do any running whatsoever for the next three weeks. There’s still a hot spot where the bone bruise is. So we’re going to pretty much shut him down from that type of activity.”

Davis has an inverted sprain and a bone bruise down on the ankle. An MRI showed the team that something just isn’t right. So now, Davis is out indefinitely which amounts to more bad luck/news for the Mets.

“If you look at the replay, it was ugly,” Collins said. “I mean, that ankle got in a bad position. And I’m sure that bone driving down on that side like that is more severe obviously than we first anticipated.”

Head trainer Ray Ramirez said that he’s never seen it take this long for this injury to heal. That ain’t good.

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