David Beckham To Launch Underwear Line

| by Oh The Scandal

Who wants to see soccer god David Beckham in his tight whites again?

Rhetorical question.

 Becks has already proved himself in the underwear department after fronting briefs for Emporio Armani for four years.

The partnership was a huge success – for both sides. Becks earned an estimated £20m for dropping his laundry, and sales of Armani briefs are said to have risen by 30 per cent while hunky Becks was their poster boy.

David Beckham To Launch His Own Underwear Range

Word at the water cooler says Becks wants to follow his wife Victoria into the fashion world once he has retired from the sport.

“David is 35 and knows he won’t be playing soccer forever,” a source said. “But he’s an icon for men all over the world and he wears pants like no one can — so it makes sense for him to launch his own.”

Becks has reportedly decided not to renew his contract with Armani – so he can go it alone, says Britain’s Mirror.

A Beckham source said: The whole planet went nuts when David stripped off for his Armani ads. Sales went through the roof. It was decided not to renew the Armani contract and develop a business of David’s own.

“He has seen how fulfilling it has been for Victoria to branch out into business and relishes a similar challenge.”

Becks is now being advised by his manager Simon Fuller and fashion designer Stella McCartney’s husband Alasdhair Willis. He also wants Victoria involved with the project.

“Alasdhair and Simon are focused on turning David into a major fashion presence,” the source said. Victoria’s also very excited. She obviously thinks David is the sexiest man in the world and perfect to front the range.”