Emma Watson Kissed Daniel Radcliffe "Like An Animal" in "Harry Potter 7"

| by Oh The Scandal

Daniel Radcliffe recalls Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson kissing him “like an animal” during a scripted smooch for the final chapters in the wizarding franchise.

Blimey, who knew Watson had it in her!

Lensing a lip-locking scene with Watson for new Harry Potter film, Radcliffe says he was taken aback by how forceful she was, and said she kissed him “like an animal.”

“I thought it was going to be like a soft, sensual sort of moment, and it was this very vigorous kissing scene,” said Radcliffe.


Daniel Radcliffe Says Emma Watson Kissed Him 'Like An Animal'

“She really went for it, I have to say. It caught me slightly off guard, but yeah, I’m not complaining. Many men would lose a limb to be in that position, so I was absolutely fine with it,” he added.

Director David Yates adds that the first take was too tame, and needed to be more “pagan and mad.”

“I guess I just realised that I would have fewer takes to do if I just got on with it and just gave David what he wanted, which was a passionate kiss. Which was something that would really rock Ron’s boat and really be quite painful and nasty for him to watch,” Watson said.

Rupert Grint, who plays Ron, said of his co-star’s steamy smooch: “When they were there actually filming that kiss, they did actually want me there to kind of play off something, but I just found that too funny,” Grint said. “Emma sent me out because I kept laughing. It just looked really strange.”

Adds Watson: “I’m proud of it, and considering how bloody awkward it was, I’m really impressed that we managed to make it look anything other than awkward,” she said.

“Because Dan and I are like brother and sister, so it was tough making it look passionate, believe me.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is released in New Zealand on November 18.