"Dancing With The Stars'" Chelsie Hightower's Fitness Secrets

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You’ve watched her kick, leap and cha-cha her way to fame (in heels no less!). As one of the principal dancers on 'Dancing With the Stars', Chelsie Hightower spends 10 hours a day perfecting her moves. Although the Season 11 Cast of DWTS won’t be unveiled until August 30th, Chelsie revealed her dream dance partner in the September issue of Fitness. She also chatted about her most challenging dance partner, the worst part about being on DWTS and her energy-boosting, stay-fit secrets.

On her dream dance partner: “Justin Timberlake would be awesome, but that might be reaching too high. I’d love to team up with a World Cup soccer player. I watched the games this summer and those guys are dope. They already have the drive, work ethic and some footwork, so it would be fun to dance with one of them.”

On her most challenging partner, former Bachelor Jake Pavelka: “If you don’t have some sort of good relationship or chemistry, it’s really hard to do well in the competition.”

The worst part of being of the show: “Everything falls on you. If the choreography’s not good, if the contestant doesn’t dance well, it’s your fault. Even the costumes and the music are my choices. That’s a lot of pressure. Not to mention that 22 million people are watching every week!”

On why dancing is beneficial: “Because it works every part of your body. And even though it’s hard, it’s fun, so that keeps you going. Dancing also lifts your spirits in that it loosens you up, makes you more outgoing, boosts your confidence level and relieves stress.”

On what keeps her fit: “I like to mix things up by taking jazz, ballet and contemporary dance classes that are an hour and a half each. I also do the P90X Ab Ripper X DVD. Plus, I walk uphill near my home in Beverly Hills, stopping to do some lunges and push-ups to keep my heart rate up.”