Yoga Teacher Dan Wilf Returns to Philly

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Currently living in Brooklyn and teaching at NYC’s Pure Yoga and Sonic Yoga, Dan is set to make his first return to the city of brotherly love since moving to the big apple in 2010.

Dan is a fun, energetic, passionate, and extremely motivated yoga teacher. Drawing from his “rock ‘n roll” background, Dan’s classes and workshops are known for their creative and intelligent sequencing, great music, plenty of time going upside down, laughter, sweat, some bad ass bhakti, and an overall great vibe!

While some previous practice experience is recommended as Dan tends to “crank it up” a bit in his workshops, all that is required is an open mind, a kind heart, and a willingness to have a great time – Don’t miss out on these super fun events at Philadelphia and New Jersey’s Dhyana Yoga.

Dan Wilf Dhyana Yoga Philadelphia Dan Wilf | Return to Philly + NJ | January 28th   29th @ Dhyana Yoga

Friday 1/28 7-9pm: Kicking Asana | Advanced Practice w/ Dan Wilf at Dhyana Yoga (West Philly)

Tune in, open up, and rock out for a special 2 hour advanced practice as only Dan can offer. Expect some creative and intelligent sequencing, great music, laughter, sweat, some bad ass bhakti, and an overall great vibe as we tune in, open up, breathe deep, and radiate out – igniting and harnessing the flame within. The sequence will feature a smattering of fluid namaskars, enticing arm-balances, inversions, deep twists and hip openers, and will be riddled with fun transitions in between. While some previous practice experience is recommended, all that is required is a positive attitude and a willingness to have fun. Dan has a special talent for offering tricky transitions and advanced poses in a way for students of all levels to enjoy. Remember, it is just yoga practice, not performance.

Saturday 1/29 2-4:00pm DETOX TO RETOX :: Vinyasa Flow w/ Dan Wilf at Dhyana Yoga New Jersey (Haddonfield, NJ)

It is said that the body is our temple; our own vehicle for bringing balance, freedom, and happiness to our lives. Our yoga practice is literally our way to take back control over our minds, bodies, and lives – to tune up and clean out our bodies, ridding them of excess toxins and ill-thoughts that restrict us and hold us back from living the lives that we want. By breathing deep, twisting, bending, inverting, sweating, and opening we can begin to resonate with a deep sense of love and understanding that exists within all of us – connecting with our true nature and living a life of yoga. Join Dan Wilf for a special 2 hour workshop that will feature an energetic heat building and detoxifying Vinyasa flow, followed by twenty minutes of balancing restorative poses, finished off with an extended and deeply relaxing savasana.

Head on over to the Dhyana Yoga website for full information and to reserve your spot today!