2011 NFL Mock Draft: Dallas Cowboys

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It’s almost that time of year, when owners, coaches, general managers, and the rest of the front office lock themselves in a room and heavily debate which players to draft to improve the team.  This room is called the “War Room” for a reason.  Everyone in this room is heavily opinionated and has become attached to a prospect that they don’t believe the team can do without.

In this segment, we will put ourselves in the war room and go over the picks we believe teams need to make when they’re on the clock.  We’ll cover all 32 teams, but today’s segment is dedicated to the: Dallas Cowboys. 

A new season is on the horizon for the Dallas Cowboys. With that new season comes a new head coach, in the form of Jason Garrett. Could a new starting quarterback come with the new regimen? Cowboys’ tight end, Martellius Bennett seems to want John Kitna under center this season. Other people wouldn’t mind to see how Stephen McGee progresses. There are definitely questions around the quarterback position. Tony Romo doesn’t appear to be the answer, Kitna looks older than the coach, and McGee hasn’t had enough playing time so far. This all adds up to the Cowboys possibly looking for their future QB in the later rounds.

Quarterback isn’t close to the main concern for this team that would be the horrific secondary. They need to improve at cornerbacks and both safety positions, if Gerald Sensabaugh isn’t retained. The position that could be fighting with the secondary for worst on the team is the offensive line. Dallas could choose to go this direction before working on the secondary. It’s a tough question to ask, do they get the offensive lineman early to give the quarterback his best chance of running the team or do they go after the best secondary player because they have so many holes to feel. I believe they take the best available between the two.

Dallas needs to address the depth along the defensive line and in particular the defensive end position.  It’s not the biggest area of concern but they will look for talent there. Roy Williams hasn’t played at the same level since he came to Dallas, Dez Bryant seems to be mentioned in the news every week in a negative manner and Miles Austin didn’t come close to repeating his 2009 performance during the 2010 season.  They’ll look to address this position, as Williams may not be back, Austin could keep declining, and Dez may end up suspended.

Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft

Round 1 Pick #9:  Prince Amukamara, FS, Nebraska – It’s important to point out that I have him listed as a free safety here.  He will not make it as a cornerback in the NFL but he’s the #1 free safety in the draft.  Prince will instantly upgrade the backside of this defense.

Round 2 Pick #40:  Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado – Smith is a top 20 talent, but he has character flaws.  Jerry Jones won’t think twice about that if Smith’s issues cause him to slip to the 40th pick.  With Smith and Amukamara lining up in this secondary, they’ll take some lumps but have a solid foundation for the next 7-10 years.

Round 3 Pick #71:  James Carpenter, OT, Alabama – The Cowboys have to protect their quarterback, no matter who is behind center.  They also would love to get their power running game back from a few years ago.  Carpenter can come in and compete for the left tackle but will definitely start at right tackle as a rookie.

Round 4 Pick #110:  Shiloh Keo, SS, Idaho Vandals – I have the Cowboys adding another young talent to their defensive backs’ group.  Keo is a bigger player that can lay the hit but also has great coverage skills for his size.

Round 5 Pick #143:  Lee Ziemba, OG, Auburn – Dallas needs help on the interior of the line as well.  Ziemba can play offensive tackle or guard but he’ll be strictly a guard at the next level.  He will be a welcomed addition, along with his arch rival from Alabama, James Carpenter, on a poorish line.

Round 6 Pick #176:  Brandon Bair, DE, Oregon – Bair is a big body, much like a bear.  He’s got the ideal mold for a 3-4 defensive end and will add depth along the D-line that will probably be losing Marcus Spears.

Round 7 Pick #220:  Jerrod Johnson, QB, Texas A&M – Johnson learned under Stephen McGee at A&M, so why not in Dallas.  Johnson is a project player that was considered one of the top college quarterbacks, until his injury.  Johnson still hasn’t regained his form but I believe that’s due to him trying to come back to soon.  He’ll probably be a practice squad player in 2011 but if he rebuilds his old form, he could eventually play in this league.

Round 7 Pick #252:  Courtney Smith, WR, Southern Alabama – I have Dallas looking for their “Brandon Marshall” pick.  What I mean by that is, a 6’4, 230 pound receiver, that ran a slow 40 time but is a beast to cover.  I don’t believe that Smith is close to Marshall’s level but he could become that type of player and step in if things go south with Dez or Miles.

That’s how it played out in our Mock of the Dallas Cowboys “War Room”

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