Daily Yoga Practice + Use of Laundromat = Wonderwash (video inside!)

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Need help with sweaty yoga clothes and tired of taking trips to the laundromat? Enter the Wonderwash.

Wonderwash Daily Yoga Practice + Use of Laundromat = Wonderwash (video inside!)I sweat during yoga classes. I sweat a lot, and I take a lot of yoga classes. This leaves me with piles of laundry that I’m not so happy to schlep all the way down to the laundromat, not to mention water weight here, people. Enter the Wonderwash. You can find it online anywhere between $40 and $50 (which, I think, is how much in quarters two loads of laundry now costs), it’s electricity free, hand cranked, and gets my Lulus clean in under 10 minutes. Decorate your shower rod to hang dry and they’re ready for the next day. And it reduces your carbon foot print by like a million percent…

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