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Calling all Texas Yogis! Check out the latest and greatest from our friend Jennifer Buergermeister and her studio, Cura Yoga!

There are lots of great events coming up over the next few months, more information from the studio website below:

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®

June 11th – 12th | 10am – 6pm

yoginos yoga youth1 CuraYoga Texas | Updates & Events from Jennifer Buergermeister

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® is an OHMazing™ trilingual yoga for kids program in English, Spanish and Sanskrit using original art, music, games, stories, collaboration and sensory-integrated activities to teach youth respect and awareness of self, others, and the environment both on and off the yoga mat. Training is beneficial for parents, educators, yoga and fitness instructors, and others who work with kids & families! Yoga Training thru certification is a minimum of 40 hours: 1 hour pre-training; 19 hours on-site training; 20+ post-training developing curriculum, teaching, evaluation.

Cura Canvas & Cabaret

June 11th 2011 – May 20th 2013 | Every Saturday Night | 7pm – 10th

curacanvas CuraYoga Texas | Updates & Events from Jennifer Buergermeister

Come to CuraYoga with a friend or loved one, and let’s paint! Colin and Hannah Murasko will lead us into our own acrylic on canvas creations every Saturday night! Beginning at 6:30 p.m. we open our wines and begin setting up for our masterpiece. Colin and Hannah will guide us step by step into creative expression. Remember, it isn’t about perfection, but about the journey. There is an artist inside all of us! Let’s find the inner spark of creative genius and sip on yummy wine as we watch what unfolds together at Cura Yoga’s art exploration event! See you on the canvas!

Les Leventhal Workshops

September 16th – 18th

les leventhal curayoga CuraYoga Texas | Updates & Events from Jennifer Buergermeister

Yoga with Les is a vinyasa/flow yoga practice. Les is one of San Francisco’s most popular and sought after teachers around the world. His classes and podcasts are filled with all the basic technique and alignment cues you will need to get your yoga practice started. They are also filled with lots of variations and occasional longer sequences to challenge the more seasoned practitioner. The prana (life force) comes from within. So be prepared to sweat and let the rasa (the sap and the juice) flow freely. Les’ studies and ceremonies are steeped in Forrest tradition, having completed Ana Forrest’s teacher training. He pays careful attention to weave in the 8 limbs of yoga and keep the traditional styles and intentions of yoga a part of his classes while making great strides into opening a window into our global cultural shift. Les’ yoga will give you an opportunity to heal your heart and laugh, cry, dance and just let go. Some classes flow freely, while others will explore holding postures a bit longer. Many classes have music. Most of all, in Les’ classes, you have an opportunity to modify and do what you need to do in order to take care of your practice and that in learning to take better care of yourself, you can then take better care of those around you and they might then take better care of those around them.

Anatomy of Yoga w/ Leslie Karminoff

October 21st – 23rd | 9am – 6pm

leslie kaminoff CuraYoga Texas | Updates & Events from Jennifer Buergermeister

Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training Training Topics: *Foundations of Yoga Anatomy Prana/Apana – Sthira/Sukha – Breath and Posture *Anatomy of Breathing The Diaphragm – Accessory Muscles – Bandhas *Yoga and the Spine Evolution and Development of the Spine Ranges of Motion Observation Skills.

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