Sixers Collins: Less Scoring for Iguodala, Not Thrilled With Turner

| by Off The Record

Well, this is awesome for Philadelphia 76ers fans. Head coach Doug Collins met with the media on Thursday to discuss the blockbuster trade that sent fan favorite Willie Green and hometown hero (we have no idea where he’s from) Jason Smith to the New Orlenas Hornets for Chris Paul and Mugsy Bogues. Ok, truth be told, the got 6′ 9″ Darius Songaila and 6′ 10″ Craig Brackins in return.

For what it’s worth, OTR’s 2010 NBA Mock Draft correctly targeted Brackins for selection by the Oklahoma City Thunder with the 21st pick. OTR did not correctly predict that he’d be traded twice before ever setting foot on an NBA court.

But anyway, according to Adam Levitan of Rotoworld.com (one of our very favorite sites), Collins said that he wanted Andre Iguadala to score less this season. We kind of think that would imply taking less stupid shots, including those from beyond the arc that he likes so damn much.

“Collins doesn’t seem high on Evan Turner, also said wants iguodala to be less of a scorer — play role he played on national team,” Levitan tweets.

A less-scoring Iggie makes sense, but what a remark about Evan Turner. Turner was the No. 2-overall pick in the draft this year and so far, a lot of people aren’t thrilled. If the new coach doesn’t seem that thrilled about him….just what can the fans expect?

“Evan got knocked back this summer,” Collins said. “I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to him because it gave him an idea of how hard it is and how tough it is in this game. And how, nightly, he’s going to have a bulls eye … right now, he’s much more comfortable having the ball in his hands. When the guys are playing pickup, and he and Lou are playing together, he’s doing a lot of the playmaking and Lou is off the ball scoring. It’s interesting to me to see how I’ll put it all together. Right now, he’s much more comfortable as a facilitator than as a guy who has a scoring mentality. One of the things I’ve talked to him about is he has to have a terrific mid-range game, teaching him to play with contact and use his body.”

It’s a new season and it seems like yet another year of weak Sixers basketball.