Colangelo on Brandon Jennings’ Endorsement Accusation

| by Off The Record

Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings said recently that he feels like he was left off of the USA Basketball roster because of his endorsement with Under Armour. He was asked by Yahoo! Sports why he thinks he didn’t make the team.

“It’s not my call,” Jennings said in the Yahoo! article. “That’s on them. But if you want to get technical about it and you really want to look at it, half of the guys there are Nike guys. I’m not saying it’s a Nike thing, but Nike is kind of running a lot of things right now.

“To have a guy like myself on the USA team that’s flashy and really outgoing, you don’t want Under Armour to get all that (publicity). I’m just telling you how it is.”

Chairman of USA Basketball Jerry Colangelo responded to those comments by saying the endorsement have nothing to do with how they pick their team.

He said endorsements play “absolute zero” role. “None whatsoever,” he said.

Colangelo went on to say that Jennings not being on the team had much more to do with the team’s excess of guards than anything else.

“When someone takes a shot … he’s a young guy,” Colangelo said of Jennings’ remarks. “Maturity comes later in life. No harm, no foul.”

We’d have to agree with Colangelo on this one. If Jennings said that half the guys on the team are Nike guys, then doesn’t that mean that half of them aren’t?