Charlie Sheen Bails On Christmas with Family, Goes On Bender?

| by Oh The Scandal

Bad boy Charlie Sheen reportedly bailed on three family Christmas events this festive season, opting to party instead.

Sheen, who was arrested on domestic violence charges in Aspen, Colorado, last Christmas, skipped out on holiday celebrations with his family, reports RadarOnline.

“He skipped going to his brother Emilio’s, didn’t show up at Denise Richards’ house and also skipped seeing his daughter Cassandra,” a source told the website. “He’s back partying again,” the source added.

“Although it’s tough to say he’s back partying because he never really quit!” The snitch added: “He likes hookers, and he likes coke, and he’s got enough money for both.” Charming. Oh Sheen, at least you’re consistent, buddy. Tell you what though, you know someone’s in a bad place when you don’t bat an eyelid over their shady shenanigans…

Charlie Sheen Reportedly Bails On Christmas, Goes On Bender. Pic: Coverawards