NBA: Celtics Continue to Struggle vs. Hornets

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After coming back from an embarrassing 1st half performance which the Celtics only put up 39 points and found themselves down 11, they went on a 18-0 run with Marquis, Jermaine, Harangody, Nate Robinson and Ray Allen on the floor. Unfortunately they couldn't pull it out down the stretch.

Trevor Ariza hit a timely 3 pointer late and the Celtics last-second desperation heave was missed by Ray Allen. Glen Davis was horrendous tonight. This loss assures that the 86 Celtics 40-1 best home record will remain intact another season.

This was a very winnable game and hurts, especially after New Orleans was pounded at home by the Flakers a couple nights ago. I understand the biggest importance is making sure the team is healthy and last year they proved they could win a couple series on the road. But the fact of the matter is the Celtics have not won a title without homecourt advantage in the Finals in over 30 years. It means something, and the better Miami continues to play, it may be tough overcoming that this year.