Cast of Celebrity Rehab Season 5 Announced

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Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is back for a Season 5, and as of today we have confirmation of who the cast will be.

Rumors of the cast of Celerity Rehab Season 5 are proving to be pretty truthful as most of the names have leaked before today, but here they are:

  • Michael Lohan – father of Lindsay Lohan
  • Bai Ling – Actress, The Crow, Lost
  • Jeremy Jackson – Actor, Baywatch
  • Dwight Gooden – Former MLB player
  • Sugar Kiper – Reality Star, Survivor
  • Sean Young – Actress, Blade Runner
  • Steven Adler – Drummer, formerly of Guns ‘n Roses
  • Amy Fisher - Attempted murderer, adult film “star” (for lack of a better word)

It looks like the beautiful Jennifer Gimenez (love her) will be making another appearance on the show as well, (she was on VH1′s Sober House the first time around) as a resident tech. Bob Forrest and Shelly Sprague will also be returning.

We talked with Sugar Kiper a couple months back about her stint on Celebrity Rehab Season 5 and she told us the season should be pretty exciting for viewers. The only person to start the show late, (she replaced Michaele Salahi eleven days into it,) Sugar says still took away a lot from the experience and hopes to stay on the path to sobriety.

So what’s her story? She (Michaele Salahi) didn’t have an addiction?

“Uh, no! I don’t even know how they let her on the show. We do a p*ss test when we come in and I tested positive for opiates, marijuana and alcohol.”

What did she say her addiction was?

“I’m not sure what she said originally her addiction was, but later she said she was addicted to . . . whenever she felt like she had a cold she had to take antihistamines. She kept calling Bai Ling’s phone number – I’m sure everyone knows Bai Ling was on the show, she was my roommate – so she kept trying to call her, saying, ‘Oh, I didn’t get paid,’ and blah, blah, blah. And Bai was like, ‘I don’t want to talk to her, why is she calling me?’ So I said, ‘Hand me the phone next time.’

The next day when she called, Bai was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s her.’ So she handed me the phone and I was like, ‘Hi! This is the girl that took your place and actually really needs help. You need to stop calling Bai Ling because she’s in a real fragile state.’ I had a few other things to say to her but she hung up on me.”

So, how did Celebrity Rehab approach you about being on the show?

“Well, my drinking had gotten worse since the last Survivor I did, and I had been kinda putting it out in the universe, that I wanted help. I can’t afford rehab, that was the best rehab situation that could ever be. Best doctors, and now I have three months of after-care. They’ve never done that on a season before.”

How long had you struggled with this?

“I’ve been smoking pot everyday since I was 15, except when I couldn’t on Survivor. It’s probably why I was crying so much. So, 17-years. 17-years stoned. It’s very interesting now, really weird. It’s like I’m a baby and I’m in a new world and starting over.”

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 5 premieres Sunday, June 26th at 9pm on VH1.