Will Anne Hathaway May Quit Acting Because of Haters?

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It’s not every celebrity that can say they’re more despised than Osama Bin Laden,” begins a piece from Star, which goes on to add that “a Google search for ‘Anne Hathaway‘ and ‘hate’ yields a staggering 31 million hits — while a similar search about the terrorist mastermind results in only 21 million.”

Wow, the mag really went to town on its “research” this time.

Anyway, the tab claims the movie star, who was subject to some online ridicule during awards season, is “desperate to repair her image.”

One supposed “source” tells the magazine, “Anne’s in shock and has been in tears over it nonstop.”

“She’s even sobbed to one friend that she feels like leaving the business for good and vanishing, like Brigitte Bardot,” notes the purported Star “insider,” who says, “She’s really worked herself up.”

Wait, so the “friend” allegedly told this to the magazine’s “source,” who then relayed it to the tabloid?


Regardless, the so-called “insider” tells Star, “She keeps trawling the Internet looking for answers, but it’s only making her feel worse. She’s in a really dark place.”

Oh, please.

While Hathaway has openly admitted that the backlash does sometimes get to her, the actress does not take the criticism nearly as hard as the magazine claims — and she’s certainly not about to leave Hollywood over it.

A rep for Hathaway calls the story “completely made up,” telling Gossip Cop, “She is about to commit to her next project.”