Top 10 Hilarious Responses From Jose Canseco's Reddit 'Ask Me Anything'

| by Jonathan Wolfe

When you think of Jose Canseco chances are you think of baseball, home runs, and steroids. When the notorious slugger got on Reddit for a Q&A session last week, we all got to see a different side of Jose.

As it turns out, the man is a hilariously simple and awkward joke just waiting to happen. From Jim Carrey and Madonna to strip poker and dog throw-up, we’ve compiled Jose’s 10 most hilarious responses from his Reddit session. Enjoy! (Typos included for authenticity.)


Q: vikvaughn666- I've heard that you are a poker player. Can you talk about how long you've been playing? Any crazy home games you've been invited to? Got any generally crazy poker/gambling stories?

Canseco: been playiing for 30 years .love strip poker i cheat and win


Q: wearewu01- How can we really be sure this is you and not ozzie? (his twin brother)

Canseco: it could be god talking to u for all u know


Q: Pizza_pi- How does it feel to be a real life Kenny Powers?

Canseco: that was loosely based on my life I had some input on the show


Q: mmortenson11- Jose, you once said "Time travel is possible. Will explain later" https://twitter.com/JoseCanseco/status/235078910310768640Can you please explain your theories on this?

Canseco: time travel is possible but you can only go back in time through ur dreams I do it all the time. learn more about dream control i have masterd it.


Q: compeau- I'm more interested in why a millionaire professional athlete was eating at Hooters.

Canseco: its not for the food u moron


Q: racecarspacedinosaur-  To ask you your own question, "Would you swallow your dogs throw up to save your best friend from dieing?”

A: i like dog throw up very nutrituios


Q: WeaveMcQuilt- Has the use of steroids had any effect on your sex life?

Canseco: i don’t know I still have sex 5 times a day with 7 different objects


Q: frankenbean- How long does a life-time ban last?

Canseco: Well if your a fly one day.lol


Q: WafflesandWorldviews: Top of Form How meaningful was it when Jim Carrey screamed "I'm Jose Canseco!" in Liar Liar? He could have screamed many other names when he thought of playing baseball with his kid.

A: hes a big fan of mine plus we had a threesome together


Q: Anna_Namoose- Would you rather take a baseball to the nuts or have to sleep with Madonna now?

Canseco: punch her in the nuts