'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Photographed in Lingerie, Drinking and Kissing Girls

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may be trying to explain that she was sick the night she was arrested for a DUI, but photographs that surfaced today make it look like she is no stranger to partying.

TMZ posted photos of Abraham at Halo Ultra Lounge in Omaha at a lingeire soiree back in January. In the photos, Abraham is seen in scantily clad lingerie, drinking straight from a wine bottle and kissing a girl.

Abraham told In Touch magazine that the reason she blew such a high BAC was because she was sick.

“Because I'm sick, I could not give an accurate breathalyzer test, due to coughing and shortage of breath," Abraham said. "I have a lawyer and all will work out with my ticket.”

She also said that she didn't want to drink in the first place.

“It was St. Patrick’s Day and I was out with my sister," Abraham explained. "I did not plan to drink because I was sick, so I took the role of being in charge and making sure my sister and I would return home together and safely. At 10 p.m., I tried to leave, and at that time, my sister was not ready to leave, so I had been sipping on drinks to pass the time.”