Tara Reid Spotted Looking Disheveled While Partying

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Tara Reid was spotted out Wednesday night looking disheveled, drunk and barefoot while out partying at the Emerson Theater in Los Angeles.

This isn't a new thing for Reid, who went to rehab in 2008. By 2010 she had reportedly fell of the wagon when she was seen leaving a party in St. Tropez.

“Last night’s episode at the Emerson wasn’t a one off,” a friend of Reid told Radar Online. “Only a few weeks ago, Tara was sat at a VIP table next to the DJ slurring her words, unsteady on her feet and propped up on a friend’s shoulder most of the night. Everyone’s really concerned for her right now and we’ve all told her that she needs to calm down with the partying."

Reid spoke to Access Hollywood after her stint in rehab and didn't think her behavior was that bad.

"It was my fault, I did it ... [but] it wasn't that bad what I did," she said. "At the end of the day, I really [just] had fun. I wasn't doing crimes. I wasn't getting in trouble like that."

Friends are once again worried about the actress.

"It’s really tragic seeing her like this – after all, she’s 37 now. It’s not cool to be seen staggering out of nightclubs at that age,” a source told Radar Online