Second Justin Bieber Murder Plot Unveiled

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Remember the convict who plotted to kidnap, kill, and castrate Justin Bieber after a show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden earlier this year??? Turns out he isn’t giving up on his Bieber murder plots!

Dana Martin, while behind bars, recruited someone to help him carry out a murder plot on Justin Bieber earlier this year after his show at MSG. The murder plot even included a castration of the poor Biebs!

Martin is currently serving two life sentences in New Mexico and was recently moved to solitary confinement and his communication privileges were taken away after he revealed another plot to kill the singer. This time he talked about blowing up one of Bieber’s concerts. He revealed these plans via a letter sent to a TV station.

In his note he wrote:

“Arranged for another hit man. This new hit man will place an explosive device… at a live performance, killing everyone on stage and quite a few in the audience.”

Prison officials and authorities are investigating.

What is Martin’s obsession with Bieber??? And how serious can he really be, announcing his plans to the world like that???

Written by Michelle Wincott