Rihanna is Four Hours Late to Meet Children

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In an attempt to personally ensure that as many people as possible know she really couldn't give a shit about them, Rihanna turned up four and a half hours late to meet a group of schoolchildren last Friday. Apparently it was the traffic in Chicago that made her so late. Come on, who hasn't been stuck in a five hour traffic jam in the middle of the day?

The schoolkids won the chance to meet Rihanna after entering a competition to raise money for people affected by a tornado in Missouri. Unfortunately though, even when the popstar finally did arrive, she only stuck around for 12 mins before offering tickets to her show that evening as an apology and then leaving. And was then late for that show too.

"She claimed traffic was bad, but there is never traffic at 2.30 down where she was."

"She was actually four hours and 30 minutes late. Then when she got there, she didn't even acknowledge that she was late. Then she was an hour late for her concert that night. It's just pathetic. It's disrespectful."

Luckily, as soon as she left the school Rihanna tweeted the following, because what were the chances any of those kids were watching her twitter after being so disappointed, eh?

"My driver is in here goin Haarrrrrddd as cunt to Too Short!! #whatsmyfavoriteword"

Hard as cunt.

In other news, the woman voted Most Punchable by Chris Brown in 2009 has apparently been told by doctors that if she doesn't stop drinking booze and taking drugs SHE COULD BECOME UNCOMFORTABLE AND POSSIBLY UNWELL:

“Rihanna's illness was so severe that doctors warned it could take months for her to fully recover - there were worries that she'd have to cancel her entire tour. She was forced to cancel two of her Diamonds dates in Baltimore and Boston after coming down with laryngitis. She has since resumed the tour and promised to reschedule the cancelled shows.

“They've told her that she needs to make some serious lifestyle changes, or risk this happening again. This has given her a scare. But Rihanna knows it's partly self-inflicted. She loves to smoke, drink and stay up late. Her body was bound to need a break at some point.

“She's now on a mission to start looking after herself.”

Hear that, kids? SHE'S DYING. Hope you're all happy now. That'll teach you for doing charity work. Maybe you'd like to look at our best of Rihanna gallery though. DIDN'T SHE LOOK DIFFERENT BACK IN 2005?