Lindsey Vonn Not Freaked Out by Tiger Woods' Sex Addiction

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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have officially had their "coming out" as a couple ceremony.

The two released professionally shot photos to the public and confirmed that they are indeed dating. But with Tiger's past with women can Lindsey really trust the guy? According to a report posted on People, the reason is very simple, Tiger makes her happy.

"Tiger makes Lindsey happy," says one Vonn pal. "She isn't concerned what others think. She trusts her instincts. She is very comfortable with the relationship."

And on his rehab for sex addiction?

"They have sat down and talked it out more than once," says the source. "He has explained his side and owned up to what he did wrong. He has been honest with her. She's not freaked out by his past."

What do you think about this relationship? Will it last? Will he cheat on her? Once a player always a player, right?!