Kristen Stewart Told Robert Pattinson Not To Be An A**hole While Taking Pic With Fan

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Laura Astin didn't think that her picture with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would spark a media frenzy, but like anything with the Twilight couple - it did.

“My friend Lany spotted Robert & Kristen with two other friends (one guy one girl) while we were standing outside our small, local karaoke dive bar, Ye Rustic Inn. Lany is a fan so she told me she thought it would be cool to get a photo with them,” Astin wrote.

Astin went on to explain that she had never even seen a Twilight film and that she was just trying to get a picture for her friend and not confirm any rumors about their relationship.

"[I was] bombarded by tweets from fans asking me every little detail of what I saw, and e-mails & phone calls from every media outlet from People, to E!, to Perez Hilton, to US Weekly asking me the same questions,” she continued.

It remains to be seen whether the photo proves that Stewart and Pattinson are back together, but one thing that it does prove is that they are friendly and totally comfortable together.

“[Rob was] jokingly trying to get me to take the photo with his back to the camera,” so “Kristen told him to stop being an a**hole and the result is the photo."