Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Reunite After Two Months Apart

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been reunited after over two months apart.

According to Life & Style magazine Pattinson and Stewart met up last night for a date in L.A.

"It was a mellow night," a witness told the magazine. "They were just hanging out with a few friends at a booth."

The couple were spotted at their favorite hangout, Ye Rustic Inn and seemed to be in good spirits. They even posed for pictures with a fan.

“Poor Lany was attacked by vampires last night. #creaturesofthenight #robertpattinson #kristenstewart #twilight,” Laura Austin tweeted out with the accompanying picture of her friend Lany when they met Stewart and Pattinson at the bar.

“I just ran into them at a karaoke bar by my house… mellow night," Laura continued. "They were just there hanging out with a few friends.”

“They were super nice… just normal people out at a bar. They were just minding their own business hanging out in a booth with friends.”

Pattinson spent over two months in Australia filming The Rover, while Stewart stayed back in L.A.