Jessica Chastain Poses with her Billboard Campaign (Picture)

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So what's it like to be a movie star and see your face on a billboard? Just ask Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain.

While driving around Paris she happened on a billboard that was an ad for Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto perfume. She jumped out of her car and took this (above) photo of herself and posted it on Facebook. The reason? She's the face of the ad.

She Facebooked about the photo:

"Ok here's pic of me geeking out on my YSL campaign. I was in Paris for fashion week and look what I stumbled upon! It was as tall as a building! It was super embarrassing but I had to jump out of my car and seize the moment. I mean, how many times does a girl get a billboard over the Seine River!?! It's so lovely and I wanted to share it with you all. Manifesto is now available in the U.S., it’s such a gorgeous scent - jasmine is my favorite and it’s the thread of the perfume. Hope you all enjoy xxjes"

We couldn't agree more. Not winning that Oscar after all isn't so bad, right?