Hawaii Senate Passes ‘Steven Tyler Act’ Against Paparazzi

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The Hawaii Senate passed the Steven Tyler Act on Tuesday, a bill that seeks to protect celebrities from paparazzi by creating a civil violation if people take unwanted photos or videos of others in their private moments.

Steven Tyler, of the rock band Aerosmith, asked Senator Kalani English to sponsor the legislation after unwanted photos of him and his girlfriend were taken last December and published in a national magazine, causing family drama. Tyler owns a home in English’s district in Maui.

English backed the bill because he believed, if passed, it could be good for celebrity tourism.

23 of the 25 state Senate members voted in favor of the bill and it now goes to the House for consideration.

Since the proposal of the bill it has faced opposition. One Senate member, and the only Republican member, Senator Sam Slom is one of those who are not in favor of the legislation, saying:

“We have been the butt of many editorials and jokes across the country for this proposed legislation… My final remarks to Steven Tyler as he sang so eloquently are, ‘Dream on, dream on.’”

Other celebrities who support the bill include Britney Spears and the Osbourne family.

Slom isn’t the only one who opposes the bill. Senator Les Ihara also voted against it and many national media organizations have submitted testimonies opposing the bill.

Written by Michelle Wincott