Fired From 'Pawn Stars,' Olivia Black Back to Suicide Girls

| by Michael Allen

Olivia Black, who was hired to work for Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in the fifth season of 'Pawn Stars' on the History Channel, was fired from the show after sexy photos of her surfaced.

Black went by the name 'Belladonna' as a model for SuicideGirls.com, a soft-core model website, before she was hired at the pawn shop, reports Inquisitr.com.

Her racy past was revealed in the National Enquirer, which featured a photo of her in lacy lingerie from 2008.

After Black was fired from 'Pawn Stars,' the show’s star Rick Harrison told Black she could keep her job working in the pawn shop, but not on the show.

Olivia Black told FoxNews.com: "He [Rick Harrison] let me know I was actually only let go from the show and not the shop. I don’t have the actual reason as to why I am not a part of the show anymore. They didn’t state it, and I didn’t ask. I was just in such shock I didn’t think to ask."

SuicideGirls.com reached out to Black after her firing, and she has gone back to working for the website.

After being fired from Pawn Stars, Black started a petition on Change.org to try and get back on the cast.

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