Donald Trump Bashes 87-Year-Old Woman On Twitter After Lawsuit Verdict

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Grace, humility, generosity — all traits of a good leader and business person. Amazingly enough, also all traits Donald Trump totally lacks.

The verdict is in for the billionaire’s recent court battle against 87-year-old Jaqueline Goldberg, and Trump, unfortunately, won.

Goldberg opted to sue Trump after she put a $500,000 deposit investment in a luxury Chicago high-rise under the terms that she’d be receiving a revenue stream from the ballroom and valet parking services. Trump, ever the tricky businessman, then changed the terms of the deal, so Goldberg decided she did not want to be part of it. She requested Trump return her half million dollar deposit, which Trump refused to do.

Under the contract technicalities, the court decided, Trump did not have to return Goldberg’s deposit. After the verdict, jurors spoke to the Chicago Tribune, explaining that it was a difficult decision, but in the end they had to follow the letter of the law.

"I feel sympathy for Mrs. Goldberg, but we've got to follow the law," said juror Leo Pinela, 51, of Melrose Park.

With all the maturity of a smug teenager, Trump decided to publicly rub his big win in Goldberg’s face.

Trump’s billions may give him a megaphone and good lawyers, but they don't make him any less of a you-know-what.

Sources: Inquisitr, Chicago Tribune

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