Did the Kardashians Text During Tribute to Michael Brown at VMAs?

| by Michael Allen

Reports are swirling that Kim Kardashian and her two sisters Kylie and Kendall were texting during the Michael Brown tribute last night at the Video Music Awards (VMA) on MTV.

Pictures of the three sisters texting from MTV's live feed of the VMAs were on posted on Twitter.

The rapper Common led the audience in a moment of silence for Michael Brown, notes Salon.com.

"For Mike Brown, for this country and for peace in the world," stated Common.

However, people started tweeting what they reportedly saw on the live feed, noted Uproxx.com:

listening to words about #Ferguson #VMAs

Kendall Jenner could literally care less about social change

peak Kardashian moment

"Who is Ferguson??" - Kim Kardashian

Buzzfeed says it has "reached out to MTV to confirm that the footage of the Kardashians texting happened during the moment of silence and wasn’t on a delay and shown by mistake."

Sources: Salon.com, Buzzfeed, Uproxx.com