Demi Moore Seeks Spousal Support from Ashton Kutcher

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here is nothing worse than a woman scorned.  And Demi Moore is proving this in her divorce from Ashton Kutcher.  After six years of marriage and Kutcher cheating on Moore, it looks like Demi is out for blood or in this case Ashton’s wallet.

Moore, who is worth an estimated $150 millions of dollars, is seeking spousal support from Kutcher.  Really? Since she doesn’t need his money why would she be looking to hit Ashton where it hurts – in the pocket? Revenge? Ashton has happily moved on with his life, dating actress, Mila Kunis. While Demi is still wallowing in self pity. She wants and needs attention and this is her way of getting it from both Ashton and the world.

This is really ridiculous and a waste of lawyer fees, which Moore is also seeking for Kutcher to pay.

It’s time for Demi Moore to get her life in order without Ashton. She can start by signing the papers – without the drama.