Actor Kevin Sorbo Calls Black Protesters in Ferguson 'Animals' (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Actor Kevin Sorbo recently called black protesters in Ferguson, Mo., “animals” and “losers.”

Salon.com reports that the former “Hercules” star wrote on his Facebook page:

Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man. It is an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are. It is a tipping point to frustration built up over years of not trying, but blaming everyone else, The Man, for their failures.

It’s always someone else’s fault when you give up. Hopefully this is a reminder to the African Americans ( I always thought we just Americans. Oh, well.) that their President the voted in has only made things worse for them, not better.

According to RawStory.com, Sorbo also advocated banning the media from Ferguson because they are “nothing more than agitators.”

Sorbo later pulled down the Facebook post and apologized on TMZ, but added some disclaimers.

"I've got plenty of friends from all races, all religions, all colors and all creeds," said Sorbo. "I'm hardly a racist."

"We're always looking for reasons to blame other people for the failures in our lives," added Sorbo. "It was a broad stroke by me and I apologize to anybody who is offended by that. People that know me know that I'm not that type of person."

Sorbo then blamed the Facebook posting on his "frustration on what's going on in America."

Earlier this year, Sorbo blamed Hollywood liberals for hurting his career.

"There's also a negativity towards people who aren't liberal. There's no question that it has hurt me in Hollywood that I didn't vote for Obama," Sorbo told Fox News.

"There's some much bashing going on in the media and world for people who believe in God," added Sorbo. "I'm just not afraid of the [politically correct] crowd I'll go right back at them."

Sorbo also blamed Hollywood for attacking people and not liking the truth.

"There's so much anger in Hollywood," stated Sorbo. "They don't like the truth, they'd rather belied to and they just attack anybody who doesn't agree their way. Yet they scream for tolerance and they scream for freedom of speech but only if it's their way. I don't begrudge them their beliefs, why do they begrudge mine?"

Sources: Salon.com, RawStory.com, TMZ, Fox News (Image Credit: MaybeMaybeMaybe)