Caleb Robert Link

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I Am Hear to stick it to the Man. I Am Apostolic Christian and I believe in Camelot.

I Fear no Polotical Terrorism, Thats why I Post my Full name on line.

I Love the Muslims and Jews.

I Love the Pagans.

I Love Rastas.

I Love the Satanists as long as their not Atheist.

I Don't Hate Agnostics they Just Bother me.

I Hate Atheists I Never choise to it Just happen.

I Hate Anglo and Roman Catholics I Never choise to it Just happened.

I Hate Protestant Christians I Never choise to it Just happened.

I Love Pizza.

I Don't Hate Deists they Just Bother me.

I Don't know what to Say about Zionism because my Closest Jewish friend is Anti-Zionist.

The only Reson I bother on line Like this is I want to find Freethinkers like Me.

I Definatlly I sick of hearing Anti-Muslim comantary everywere I go I Saw an Arab kid getted kinked to the Grown as I tryed to pick him up A drive by Screamed Terrorist!!!!

I Will not Tolorate that.

I Declare War on Bigotry and Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam is A Terrorist.

I Live in Hell i.e {{Arizona}}

My Parents are Protestant Christian I Hate them I Can't help it I've tryed to Stop but when you can be told as A kid not to be friends with some One because there Pagan or God-Forbid Black, it leaves an impresstion. I pray every day not to be bitter. IT'S NOT WORKING!!!! 

I hate injustice!!! I can't help it!!!! I Hate Biogotry I can't help it!!! I Hate My self because I am the Son of Protestants, I Pray every Day that God show me how to Love my Self IT'S NOT WORKING!!!!