Calif. Man Uses Stun Gun on Man Who Sent Daughter Penis Photo

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

FRENCH VALLEY, Calif. --- A Southern California man now faces charges for an alleged assault in which he used a stun gun on a man who sent his daughter nude photos. The incident occurred in January, but William Atwood, Sr. was just charged last week.

The story began when 23-year-old Justin Moore sent photos of his genitals to several friends, just as a joke, he said. One of those friends was Atwood's 17-year-old daughter.

Atwood reported to police that his underage daughter had received pornography. But before they had a chance to investigate, Atwood apparently took matters into his own hands.

Here's Atwood's version of what happened next: He claims Moore showed up at his house near Temecula uninvited one night in January. Fearing for his family's safety, Atwood fired a shotgun into the air. Atwood says he ordered Moore to strip down to his underwear and tied him up. Atwood then called police, who arrived to find Moore in that state.

Moore's story is slightly different. He says Atwood called him and asked him to come over to his house to discuss the photo. Moore says when he arrived, Atwood was waiting for him, shotgun in hand. He fired a shot into the air, ordered Moore out of his car, then fired another shot as he was led into the house.

Once inside, he was ordered to strip down and was tied up. At some point, he says Atwood got his stun gun, and shocked him on the shoulder for 20 seconds. Moore said he thought Atwood was going to kill him during the hour-long ordeal.

Atwood eventually called police. When a deputy arrived, he found Moore behaving as if he were extremely frightened. Not only did he refuse to speak, but Moore also did not open his eyes for several minutes after the deputy arrived.

When sheriff's investigators looked into Moore's account of events, they discovered that he had indeed received a call from Atwood about an hour before Atwood called authorities. They also found a text message Moore had sent to a friend on his way to Atwood's house, saying he was going to discuss the pictures.

"If I don't get back, let everyone know," he joked.

Last week Atwood was charged with making criminal threats, false imprisonment, assault with a stun gun, assault with a deadly weapon and other gun charges.

Veronica Rico, the sheriff's investigator who handled the case, said that while Atwood's displeasure over the photo was understandable, but he took it much too far.

"It just kind of got out of hand," Rico said.