Classic! Paris Hilton Caught in Cocaine Lie

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Paris Hilton was arrested on August 28 after a bag of cocaine fell from her purse into an officer’s hand. Paris lied saying the purse actually belonged to a friend, but Paris busted herself by posting a photo in July of the same purse!

paris busted Busted! Paris Hilton Tweeted Pic Of Chanel Purse She Said Wasnt Hers!

Paris Hilton may not be a true blonde but the girl is definitely dumb!

Hilton lied to police claiming the purse containing the bindle of cocaine wasn’t hers!  But on July 15 Paris had posted a photo of a Chanel bag identical to the one she used the night of her arrest with the caption, “Love my new Chanel purse I got today :)

Hilton, 29, was arrested after she was stopped with her boyfriend, Cy Waits, in a black Cadillac Escalade. Police smelled marijuana smoke and later discovered the cocaine when it fell right into the cops hand as she reached for lip balm.

Paris claimed the purse was a friends and that the $1,300 in cash and a credit card in the purse belonged to her but claimed some of the cosmetic items belonged to her friend.

After the cocaine was discovered Paris said she believed the cocaine was actually gum. Yeah right!

Hilton faces up to four years in prison on a felony charge if she’s found guilty.

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Paris Hilton lied to police saying purse wasn't hers Paris Hilton busts herself on Twitter over purse claims Paris Hilton's twitter shows photo of Chanel purse she was busted with! Paris Hilton said purse containing cocaine didn't belong to her Paris Hilton lied to police

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