Video: Britney Spears Curses, Flashes Little Kid in “I Wanna Go”

| by Stupid Celebrities

Britney Spears’ latest video for her track “I Wanna Go” is really good (watch it below). Brit Brit shows off her sense of humor as she deals with the press and crazy fans. Check out the debut of “I Wanna Go” here!

The video begins with Britney Spears having a press conference and being asked the most ridiculous questions. Brit admits to banning “sunshine and laughter” from her latest tour and being pregnant with Brad Pitt’s Quintuplets.

brit1 300x189 Britney Spears Debuts I Wanna Go (Video)

When asked if she hates puppies, Brit loses it and tells members of the press, “F**k you, f**k you, and f**k you”, but tells a guy in a plastic crown that he is “cool”.

Spears walks out and takes to the street where she flashes a little boy and a cop and gets patted down.

brit4 300x212 Britney Spears Debuts I Wanna Go (Video)

An average Joe looking dude pulls up to rescue her from the craziness and they go on their way. The guy pours milk on his face as he is driving, which appears to turn Brit Brit on (for whatever reason).

brit2 300x188 Britney Spears Debuts I Wanna Go (Video)

In the end, the guy that seemed cool is also a crazy guy, maybe a reference to people she trusted in the past that ended up being dicks.

brit3 300x195 Britney Spears Debuts I Wanna Go (Video)

Check it out here: