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Animal Rights

Breeder Chains 15 Pit Bulls Out in Blizzard, No Food

| by Denise A Justin

Breeder chains 15 Pit Bulls in woods during blizzard with no food/water -- Pit bull breeder faces only misdemeanor charges and will be allowed to keep three dogs

Authorities found 15 pit bulls with no food or water chained in the woods near an abandoned house in Warwick, RI, on December 27, 2010, according to the Providence Journal. 

The dogs were spread over a four-acre area and only small doghouses with a little straw inside protected them from temperatures in the 20’s and 12 inches of snow in blizzard conditions. Each dog was secured by a heavy six-foot tow chain. Animal control officials stated the dogs are owned by 47-year-old Clifford Dennis.

Four of the pit bulls are puppies, and it is believed Dennis was breeding the pit bulls without a breeding permit.He also did not have a permit that allows more than three dogs in the city. 

The dogs were found to be in a developing dangerous situation that was potentially life threatening. Due to the evaluation, the dogs were removed from the property,” according to the police report.

But Clifford Dennis will only face misdemeanor charges for failing to provide adequate shelter for the animals, 15 counts of having unlicensed dogs and 15 counts of having unvaccinated dogs, according to Warwick Police Sgt. Robert  Rocco. Rocco also stated that Dennis was issued a violation earlier this year for having more than three dogs.

Dennis will be allowed to keep three of the fifteen dogs he left out in the winter storm.  The remaining 12 will be cared for by the Warwick Animal Shelter until the case is adjudicated.  A Municipal Court hearing is scheduled for January 20, 2011.

The dogs reportedly did not appear to be scarred from fighting, but a Game-dog forum post about Dennis reads:  “That man used to come on this forum. He is well known at the ADBA shows.”  And a link is provided to the APBT on-line registry pedigree for one of Dennis’ pit bulls, showing a lineage of fighting dog champs.  There is also information that Dennis had been bringing in dogs to the shelter for years, and a volunteer speculated that these were the ones that didn’t sell.

What do you think? Should Clifford Dennis be allowed to keep three of his dogs for breeding stock? Does a responsible owner keep 15 pit bulls chained in the woods in sub-freezing temperatures?

Unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused pit bulls constitute over 50 percent of the impounds in animal shelters nationwide—plus a huge number die in fighting pits.  Why do humane groups continue to oppose any restrictions on breeding and ownership to protect these dogs?