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What Size Breast Implants are Right for You? Take the "Rice Test"

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Breast implant surgery is fairly active as an ongoing discussion online and amongst the topics discussed is of course the question of sizing.

How do you figure what implant volume (how many ccs) is right for you?

Someone long ago thought up a pretty simple “quick and dirty” way to test this at home:


All you need for this test is some zip lock bags, some rice and a measuring cup that measures in ccs or ml.

You fill in the baggies to your test size and put them in your bra as a test. When you get to the volume you like, you measure that volume in the measuring cup.

The test is cheap and easy, but is only a very crude measurement as your body changes after breast implants are placed and your results will vary dependent upon that.

This concludes the portion of your plastic surgery you might want to do at home. :)

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John Di Saia MD