Blazers Brandon Roy: I Want the Ball More

| by Dwight Jaynes

Seems kind of funny to me that the leader of this Trail Blazer team needs to make statements like this to the media:

Last year I thought it was different from 2 years before, just with adding ‘Dre. I think we’re going to continue some of that from last year but try to get back maybe from a couple of years ago, before ‘Dre came, where I get the ball a little bit more. I want the basketball a lot more. (Transcript courtesy of Blazers Edge)

I thought by now we were finished with all this garbage. But it looks to me as if it’s still Brandon Roy vs. Andre Miller — with Coach Nate McMillan caught somewhere in the middle. And frankly, this is ridiculous stuff coming from the captain of your team.

It’s one thing for Roy to want the ball more — in my experience, the stars always do

But point No. 1 is this: I’m not sure, in the long run, that’s what’s best for this team. We’ve seen it in the playoffs now two years in a row — you run those isolations for Roy in the postseason and it’s pretty easy to stop. And Portland is suddenly lost.

Point No. 2 is even more serious: Even if Roy is justified, I think it’s very wrong for a player in a leadership position to bring this up to the media. If he’s not happy with his touches, I don’t think Oregonlive, Blazers Edge or any of the local TV stations can do much to help him. That isn’t stuff for public consumption.

But spreading his concerns to the media — and through them to the fans — opens the door for controversy, something this team doesn’t need. And Brandon Roy has been around long enough to know better.

Was he attempting to torpedo Miller? Was it a veiled threat to McMillan to make sure he gets that offense changed? Or was it just an honest answer to a pointed question? Doesn’t matter. It came off poorly and the random sampling of Blazer fans I’ve talked to who have heard it didn’t like it. To a degree, they seem to have grown a little weary of the Roy isos and pick-and-rolls and seem interested in a more team-oriented offensive structure.

I thought the coaching staff had been leaning that way, too. But now, after those remarks, I am not so sure.

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