Boulder, CO | Tillai: Om Time Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Starts June 8th!

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Colorado Yogis! Take your practice to the net level this summer with Om Time Yoga’s 200 hour Teacher Training Program!

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tillai yoga teacher training Boulder, CO | Tillai: Om Time Yogas 200 Hour Teacher Training Starts June 8th!

Tillai University: Om Time Yoga Teacher Training

A Yogic Wisdom Training for Heart, Mind and Body.

Deep in the heart of the forest, among the Tillai Trees, consciousness was raised, the Cosmic Dance was witnessed and the Yogic Tradition was born…

Tillai University is an unconventional, in-depth, transformational community training for those who want to authentically deepen their sadhana and for those looking for a powerful introduction to the path of teaching Yoga. Evolving out of the confluence of the delightful practices of yogic tradition, philosophy, history, breathwork, bodywork, asana and meditation, Tillai University provides a perfect setting to develop the Yogic Heart, one devoted to life, to supporting love and becoming a humble servant of change through Yoga.

Appropriate for all levels of soul warriors, heart acrobats and scholars of life’s juiciness. This is the place for us to spread our toes, open our hearts, serve life and swing from the tree of tradition and practice. You will learn the art and science of practicing yoga to serve your deepest heart, to teach yoga to serve the heart of the world.

We will learn about the sources and roots of Yoga, learning how to engage Yoga’s ancient teachings and texts including: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, Vijnana Bhairava, and the Upanishads, texts far beyond the standard Yoga Teacher Training. Tillai University’s unique method of training includes a rich tradition of inquiry, contemplation, exploration and fun. Join us in discovering the layers of the Tantric Mind and Intrinsic Goodness as well as developing our Inner Teacher in a safe, supported, communal way.

You will learn how to build and teach amazing and inspirational Vinyasa yoga classes, and build the confidence and steadfastness in your practice to playfully discover your own voice and skills. We will delight in the rhythms of our practice, looking at the practice from both integrative perspectives of Alignment and the Prana Vinyasa Flow aspects of sequential unfolding and flow, truly the best of both worlds.

Along with the practice of systematically building classes which open your students up to the powerful winds of grace, you’ll learn how to align their bodies, minds and hearts, how to create powerful shifts while delighting in the process of change.

In depth instruction in Anatomy and Physiology of a Yogin, Philosophy, Developing a Meditation Practice You Love, Creating Practices with Deep Meaning, Articulation and Subtlety, Leadership, all the while, diving into your own vast heart to hear it’s wisdom and to gain the courage to let it guide you.

Tillai University is a unique offering, combining authentic teachings from some of the worlds top teachers, you’ll receive personal attention, community support and mentorship.

Unlike other trainings, we do not teach a set sequence for practice, rather support and guide you into the core of your own creativity, using alignment, vinyasa and gradual layering of classes, you’ll develop and guide practices that are completely unique to you.

Underneath the Tillai Trees is where sages came to witness the radiant becoming, where monkey-gods remembered their greatness and where we draw near to hear the whisperings of the heart, we will gather to bring these teachings to life.


tt Boulder, CO | Tillai: Om Time Yogas 200 Hour Teacher Training Starts June 8th!

About Our Methodology

We believe that teaching comes from the heart, and that in order to guide each other through the jungle of our lives to our deepest, most resplendent experience, we have to return to our starting point. Our process of teaching begins with return, moving along the steps we have taken with fresh eyes and learning the object of our passion anew..

Together, we will create a return pathway, through the jungle of yoga, learning twists and turns, seeing poses and breaths from a new angle, becoming better informed in our own heart along the way. This return journey reinforms our senses, refines our understanding and provides ample ground for us to learn how to teach what we know and bring others along a path we have already tread.

The underlying principle of our method of teaching is that when we look back at where we came from, using our practice, our embodied understanding gained from precious years of practice, we discover the tools for teaching yoga.

We will learn to practice in new ways, discover new possibilities in our bodies and new understandings of the role of Yoga in everyday life..

The program weaves a tapestry of information, skill, embodiment and experience into a radical new way to learn the art and science of teaching. From our alignment we learn how to adjust, from our breath we learn how to verbalize, from our heart we learn how to communicate, from the flow we learn how to improvise and from our community we create a safe, nurturing place to blossom.


yoga colorado1 Boulder, CO | Tillai: Om Time Yogas 200 Hour Teacher Training Starts June 8th!

About Our Program

Tillai University is a 200 hour, Yoga Alliance Registered, training for those passionate, creative and inspired beings who crave the depths of Yoga. We will meet over the course of 10 weeks. Each meeting will be a focused intensive including practice, lecture, exploration and community. There will be ample time for discussion and much more time for study.

We strongly believe that “you are the company you keep,” therefore, we will be keeping great company together learning, laughing and exploring. The faculty includes Shannon Paige Schneider, Nancy Kate Williams, and guest presenters in their areas of specialty:  anatomy, sanskrit, and psychology.

You will be assigned a mentor and a fellow peer to work with and create a bond with during the program. Your mentor will assist you in grasping difficult concepts, clarifying goals and identifying and working with trouble spots throughout the training. Your fellow trainee will provide a sounding board, assist you with staying abreast of homework and help you stay in the flow as necessary.


om time yoga Boulder, CO | Tillai: Om Time Yogas 200 Hour Teacher Training Starts June 8th!

Summer 2011 4 Week Intensive | Dates & Costs

June 8 – 12

July 13 – 17

July 20 – 24

August 17 – 21

9a – 9p daily, wednesday through sunday.

$2108, payment plans available. (there is a supplemental $108 administrative fee added for all payment plans)

$1895, early bird if paid in full by May 10, 2011!!!!!


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