Blame Alcohol for Kentucky Dad Putting Baby in Oven, Not Pot

| by NORML

(CNN) — A Kentucky man high on marijuana and drunk on whiskey put his 5-week-old son in the oven Sunday and left him there overnight, police said.

The oven door was slightly ajar, and the oven was not turned on.

After smoking marijuana at the restaurant where he works as a cook, Larry Long, 33, returned home to share a fifth of whiskey with the baby’s mother, Brandy Hatton, McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden said in a statement.

Sure, I drank nearly an entire fifth of whiskey... but it had to be hallucinogen-laced marijuana that made me do it!

Hatton had four or five shots and went to bed while Long finished the bottle, Hayden said.

At 5:30 the next morning, Hatton awoke to the sound of the baby’s cries coming from the oven. He had been in it for several hours, police said.

Long blamed his actions on the marijuana, which he believes was laced with a hallucinatory agent, officials said.

This guy works a shift as a cook and smokes a joint at work.  He couldn’t have smoked a whole lot of weed and still made it out of the kitchen unburned with all his digits, I assume.

Then he returns home – what is that, a ten minute walk, a thirty minute drive, an hour bus ride? – we don’t know how long that takes,

Then he breaks out a fifth (750 mL) of whiskey with his baby mama.  She has four or five shots (44 mL each, somewhere between 176 mL and 220 mL) and this guy finishes the rest (530 mL to 574 mL, or 12 or 13 shots).  Just looking at him I’ll bet he weighs anywhere from 80 kg to 100 kg.  My ballpark guesstimate figures if he drank for a couple of hours his blood alcohol content was between 0.18 and 0.23.

So a couple of hours, maybe three, after smoking the allegedly hallucinogen-laced joint, and after getting three-times the 0.08 BAC “legally drunk” level of shitfacedness, the cook puts the baby in the oven and goes to bed.  Yup, it’s got to be that joint laced with the hallucinogen that doesn’t kick in for a couple of hours that is to blame.

The good news is that the man called the mental health services when he realized what he had done and the state has taken the unharmed infant and placed him with other family members.  I just hope the mental health people recognize it was his alcoholism, not his pot smoking, that led to the act of negligence.