Betty White Gets Her Own Comic Book

| by Oh The Scandal
Betty White gets her own comic book

Octogenarian Betty White is to star in her very own comic book, it has been announced.

Sassy funnygal White, 88, will be immortalised in Female Force: Betty White, a comic book based on her life which will be released by Bluewater Productions in November, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Darren Davis, founder of Female Force, said in a statement:

“Betty White has had such an amazing entertainment career … It’s one that has now spanned more than 70 years,” he said.

“The biggest challenge that the creative team behind this book faced was figuring out how to include as much of this career as possible in one comic.”

Saturday Night Live, Snickers Super Bowl commercial, Golden Girls, a new sitcom and now this. She’s like a machine!

What say you about the comic book? Clap it or slap it?