Benders as a Way to Find Balance | via Well+Good NYC

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While this may just sound like an excuse to hit the bottle hard, there may actually be something to it…

Check out this article from Well+ Good NYC:

hangover fitsugar Benders as a Way to Find Balance | via Well+Good NYC

Let’s face it—we’re obsessed with Charlie Sheen and Lilo. Why? Maybe because we recognize how close “the edge” is and we’re personally trying not to tumble off.

Sometimes, it’s impossible. Due to a failing relationship, a traumatic event, a dead-end job, or a way more stupid reason, we fall off the wellness wagon—and go on a total bender.

Whether this bender affects our diet, exercise, sex life, career, or entails a serious slump into substance abuse—it’s a period of time when unhealthy behaviors reign. While we may not claim to be “winning” on national television or pocket an extravagant necklace, this is when it’s hardest to conjure up that connection to the universe we used to feel during yoga or the virtuous taste of a green juice instead of a martini.

But could these periods be necessary to finding true balance in life? If we don’t know what it feels like to be down, can we truly appreciate the accomplishment of up?  We asked four experts for their thoughts (and we hope Charlie and Lindsay are reading):

elena brower Benders as a Way to Find Balance | via Well+Good NYC

Elena Brower, Yogi and Founder of Virayoga
While I would never speak in favor of self-destructive behavior through abuse of any kind, what I CAN speak about is my own experience. I’ve had periods of time wherein I’ve abused drugs, and in so doing, destroyed my self-esteem and my ability to see clearly. And while those times were devastating, they taught me where the lowest point was, and I asked for guidance in how to move onward and upward from there. Thankfully, I received that help.

The main focus of this discussion MUST be that when you DO find yourself in a place of self-sabotage, SEE it, write it down, make notes as though you’re watching an animal in the wild, and be clear and detailed regarding what you find. Invariably you will see, at the heart of all these behaviors, a longing for love. You may need to see it many times, but when you fully commit to that longing, when you are steeped in that understanding, you’ll surround yourself with people and behaviors that will only support that love.

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