Battle for Alleged John Edwards Sex Tape

| by Mark Berman Opposing Views

It's not uncommon for news to break of a sex tape involving a celebrity. Well, this latest scandal could be the most explosive yet because it's not some actor or singer on the tape -- it allegedly features a former presidential candidate.

The former mistress of John Edwards has filed a temporary restraining order in an attempt to gain possession of the alleged tape. Rielle Hunter filed court papers in North Carolina Friday seeking the return of photographs and a "very private and personal" video she made while working for Edwards, according to a report on FOXNews.com.

The report says the video is currently in the hands of Andrew Young, the former Edwards confidante who is releasing a book next week in which he details the purported sex tape. Young describes discovering a DVD that showed Edwards involved with a "visibly pregnant" woman he determined to be Hunter.

Authorities said in court filings obtained Friday by the Associated Press that Young's attorney said he could not immediately turn over the tape. A news release for the book noted that Young has already turned the tape over to a grand jury.

Young was once so dedicated to Edwards that he actually claimed to be the father of Hunter's child in an effort to protect his boss. After repeated denials, Edwards finally admitted last week that the child is indeed his. He and wife Elizabeth have reportedly separated.

The book, called "The Politician," comes out February 2nd.